Hi, we’re Tomorrow, and we’re here a day early.

A new world with fast evolving brand needs, calls for new thinking. And a fresh, nimble approach to building brands. And businesses.

After 22 years of successfully partnering clients in building famous brands like Bingo!, Vodafone, State Bank of India and Reliance Telecom across 2 advertising agencies, Ogilvy and Grey (where she was the National Creative Director for the India operations),

Malvika Mehra felt the need and saw the opportunity to stretch the canvas for a brand’s creative expression beyond ‘pure play advertising’. And while remaining firmly rooted to the ‘big brand idea’ (and ideals), bring serious design craft and technology to the forefront of brand building.

And thus was born, Tomorrow Creative Lab.

We are a global collaborative creative lab based out of Mumbai. And we are in the business of crafting brands for tomorrow. Deploying the three most relevant creative tools we know today.

Design. Technology. Ideas.

We explore magical new ways for brands to delight and inspire people and deliver unforgettable brand experiences. Whether via a powerful design initiative, an intuitive tech solution, an emotive communication piece, an interactive installation, or a brand expression that hasn’t even been thought of yet.


We ‘design the brand’s personality’ across and via these touch points. Clients could approach us for any or all of these services.

  • Brand workshops (What we call hot-housing)
  • Brand strategy and consultancy
  • Product design and innovation
  • Brand identity design (nomenclature, logo, brand systems, motion graphics)
  • Packaging design
  • Digital design (apps, portals, websites)
  • Space and Installation design
  • Editorial design
  • Brand content
  • Brand communication (film, print, the works)
    & any new creative expression the brand needs.


Malvika Mehra

Founder & Creative Director, Tomorrow Creative Lab.

2 decades of successfully partnering clients in building famous brands across 2 advertising agencies, (Ogilvy and Grey) earned Malvika, former National Creative Director at Grey India, a place among India’s ‘50 Most Influential Women in Media, Marketing and Advertising’ (Impact India /Advertising Age), the ‘Top 20 Creative Directors in India’ (Brand Equity Agency Reckoner-Economic Times) and Campaign India’s A-list.

She helped launch ITC’s biggest success story – Bingo! and built brands like Hutch, Vodafone, Britannia, State Bank of India, Gillette, Reliance Telecom, Titan, Dell, Fiat, Honda, Duracell and Killer. And brought about real social change via her work for the Indian Army and the government’s Clean India and Anti Female Foeticide campaigns.

Along the way, she has won more international and national awards for creativity and brand effectiveness than she cares to remember, but is particularly proud of her two Cannes Gold Lions and the much coveted D&AD (Design & Art Direction) pencil for her work on Duracell titled ‘Positive-Negative’.

She is also probably the only Creative Director in India to have led her team to win the Grand Prix ‘Campaign of the Year’ award at the Indian creative awards (Abbys) not once or twice but 4 times. At Ogilvy (for ‘Surprisingly’ SBI – State Bank of India, ITC Bingo and Hutch Ranga Shankara Theatre Festival) and at Grey for Killer Jeans (Green Fold).

Besides winning at Cannes, she has also been on the jury at the prestigious festival twice, and at the Clios as well.

An army brat and a boarding school product, Malvika has had the good fortune of experiencing different cultures across the length and breadth of the country. More than anything else, she considers this to be her biggest learning and edge.

Brand Experience

Friends of Tomorrow

Tomorrow believes in a new, fluid, all-embracing work culture. We operate as a super lean core outfit with a hands-on approach to every brand. And collaborate with cherry-picked experts for the job at hand.

Be it fashion designers, sonic branding experts, fragrance specialists, interior decorators, content writers, insight catalysts, spatial designers or animators.

This ‘open’ collaborative lab allows our clients to get fresh perspectives and the most relevant talent on their brand. Minus the baggage of legacy agency thinking, culture or structures (and the attendant overheads), that could compromise the creative product, or slow down a brand’s ability to respond to change.

With Tomorrow as brand partners, our clients are rest assured that they’ll get one clear vision, across all touch-points, through the various stages of the brand life cycle.

Here are some folks we like and collaborate with.

Namrata Nandan, Conviction Brandworks

Business Operations and Consulting

Jayesh Raut

Design & Art Direction

George Abraham

Design & Art Direction (Singapore)

Shweta Malhotra

Graphic Design

Tejol Kolwalkar


Ayesha Bedi

Writing (Doha, Qatar)

Deepti Parekh


Rajiv Raja, BrandMusiq

Sonic Branding

Padmini Sharma & Rose Kaur, Jester & Genius

Strategy (Dallas, United States)

Sourabh Mishra


Simon Taylor

Spatial Design (East Sussex, United Kingdom)


The Tomorrow blog covers topics that interest our clients, our collaborators and us. Here you will find, note worthy news (especially of our clients and brands), some of our work, initiatives we like, our occasional points of view – on design, technology and trends of tomorrow. And of course stories about the stray cat who visits our studio.

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Design is the new black.

Economic Times, India, invited Malvika Mehra, Founder and Creative Director, Tomorrow Creative Lab to share her experience of the Design conference she attended at the Make in India symposium held in


Because we believe in partnerships with clients, we are happiest when we are called in the nascent stages of the brand building process. We like holding hands and are usually the last to leave.

Irrespective of the life stage of the brand (established, emerging or even relaunching), we are passionate partners to brave clients who wish to build and sustain truly game-changing brands that remain relevant tomorrow.

We are a tight, hands-on team and seek non hierarchal structures and close knit, focused teams in our client partners as well. Preferably with that one clear decision maker (who doesn’t?). We are not a big fan of pitches (who is?). But are very happy to share with potential clients some of our earlier success stories.

If you’d like Tomorrow’s spin on your business, drop us a line and we’d be happy to have a conversation.

Remember, tomorrow is as today does.

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1, Ground Floor, Belvedere, 35 Rebello Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050, India.