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We like Soup

Soup is an online magazine started by the very talented (and very stunning) Meera Ganapathi. It features an archive of very interesting interviews, photo essays and stories, where Meera covers a wide range of topics from the unfairness of fairness creams to cats to our current favourite, the humble nightie. We love Soup. You will […]

We look good, when our clients look good.

There is no greater reward for us than to see our clients succeed and achieve their dreams. That we have been their partners for a small part of that journey is always humbling. Mojarto was one such success story. Read below for a peep into our rock star client, Manisha Lath Gupta’s journey with a […]

We like Moochchaap

We love the graphic quality of illustrations and interesting use of geometric shapes and colours in Jayesh Raut’s graphic art. Sold online under the brand Moochchaap, these prints can liven up any dull corner (we have a lovely one of flamingos in our studio as well). Check out the entire range of eclectic prints here. […]

Design is the new black.

Economic Times, India, invited Malvika Mehra, Founder and Creative Director, Tomorrow Creative Lab to share her experience of the Design conference she attended at the Make in India symposium held in Mumbai a few months back. The article appeared in the Brand Equity edition of the Economic Times but you could catch her views on […]